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Handforth Village Show results 2019
THE OPEN AWARD`` Ian Cockshott
PAT DAY TROPHY Sarah Wilkinson
Best Exhibit Classes 1 & 2 Gerry Ramsden
Best Exhibit Classes 13 - 25 Ian Cockshott
Best exhibit Flower arranging Ros Brownbridge
Best Exhibit Cookery Margaret Hamer
Best Exhibit Painting George Baker
Best exhibit Crafts Valerie Gilbert

It's the Village Show on Saturday 13th July, so don't forget to come along in the afternoon. Better still, why not enter the show? There should be some schedules available at Woods Newsagent, the Library and St Chad's Church hall. Entries need to be in by Wedensday, so you still have time.

Don't forget that on Wedensday 5th June at 2pm -4pm we are visiting Bluebell Cottage Nursery, please contact E Maddock by E-mail to tell us you will be going.

On Tuesday 7th May, we are holding the annual Plant Exchange. As we have moved the Spring Show back to April, the Plant Exchange is now in May. The committee decided that it would be better to hold just one plant event in May, so, this replaces the Bring and Buy and the old Plant Exchange that we have had in the past. The format will change, so we bring good plants for exchange and buy new plants. Please, try to bring new or interesting plants, as this is an excellent opportunity to acquire new plants for a very cheap price and your chance to help the society. All proceeds will go to the society funds, either for speakers or to help with the Village Show. It should be fun to see everyone, talk about your plants and have an interesting evening and go home with something worthwhile. We look forward to seeing you all.

Our June nursery visit is to the Blubell nursery, after we had such an entertaining talk from owner Sue Beesley. I went on a recce on Saturday and was most impressed by the nursery. It is well laid out, with beautiful gardens full of ideas, well-organised, had some very good plants for sale and the bluebell wood adjoining the nursery was a final incentive to visitng it. The countryside around is also a delightful experience and I can thoroughly recommend going and hope you will join us on Wednesday 5th June from 2-4pm.

Not many turned up to the Primrose Nursery in Styal, unfortunately. It is getting established and always has some interesting things in stock and is a very pleasant place to visit. Next door is the community shop and cafe, that also has local artists work upstairs, which is worth a good look. The cafe seems to be a busy place but quite efficient and is run by volunteers and promotes a community feel to the whole area.

The AGM went as normal, with no hitches. The Spring show brought in a good array of flowers and produce, baking, craft and flower arranging. Unfortunately due to the recent heat, many of the bulbs had gone over but people still found some.

At our last monthly meet up(in between official meetings) we had a good visit to Prestbury Nursery. It has really good plants, a very nice selection and also flowers for arrangements. There were plenty of accessories, too, pots, fertilisers and even re-cycled pots. A nice place to go, recommended.

Our next meeting is the AGM and Spring Show. This is for members only. The schedule is on the Spring Show page. The following meeting is the annual plant exchange. Come along and bring some interesting plants with you and buy a few new ones. It's fun and everyone gets to see and talk about plants.

Our meeting last night was William Woods talking about Blackbrook Herbs and he gave us a good talk about his herbs that he grows and sells. This provoked a lot of lively discussion from the audience about their experiences and some questions. We all went away with some new ideas and many also went with some new plants. It was good to meet up with him again and to know that he is still promoting and selling herbs.

2018/19 series of talks

The programme of speakers for the new season, starting in September, is available on the Diary page. New members are very welcome to attend. Please contact one of the committee for more details.

Village Show 14th July 2018

The 26th Annual Village Show was held at St Chad's church hall. The results are available on the Village Show page.

Spring Show 2018.

There were some lovely displays of spring flowers, floral art and cookery at the Spring Show held on My 1st. Big winner on the night was Sarah Wilkinson who won both the Mike Long Plate and the Les Norman Shield. Well done Sarah!
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Show.

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NOTE: Spring Show 2019 will be held on Tuesday 2 April 2019

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