September 2018

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Dear all
I think the less said about the recent weather, the better. I’m sure many of us will have seen some damage in our gardens but at least Cheshire hasn’t been as badly affected as other parts of the U.K. At this time of the year the sedums are in full flower. “Spectabile” is always a good “filler” in the autumn border, attracting late butterflies and other insects. “Purple Emperor” has the additional benefit of dark leaves but one of my favourites is “Frosty Morn” with its variegated leaves and pale flowers, photographed on a damp morning earlier this week. It won’t be long before we see those autumn frosts. The other succulent shown is an aeonium from Gran Canaria which has thrived in the long hot summer but it isn’t hardy here so it will need to be brought inside soon.

Our speaker earlier this month was Sue Beesley who had us all enthralled by her photographs showing the transformation of Bluebell Cottage Gardens. What was even more amazing was the short length of time in which she has carried out the reconstruction. Further photographs can be seen on her website
It was good to see more new members and visitors joining us. If anyone has a friend or neighbour who is interested in gardening, they would be very welcome.
On Friday 5th October Bob Worsley gave a presentation on cyclamen in Elizabeth Maddock’s garden. He had only brought eighteen different species! Cyclamen are usually associated with their beautiful flowers but the variations in leaf colour, shape and markings make them a plant of interest for a much longer period of time than just the flowering season. He had also brought autumn flowering snowdrops and crocus. Photographs of some of them are on HGS Facebook page.
The clocks go back the weekend after next and the days will seem even shorter so perhaps this is the time to be making plans for the spring. With this in mind, our next speaker on Tuesday November 6th is Len Tomlinson who will be speaking on “ The Wonders of Daffodils”. More details of forthcoming speakers are on our website
HGS Facebook page also has some interesting photographs of members’ gardens and other events.

Dates for your diary -
Friday October 19th 10.30 – 11.30. “Meet the Gardeners”. Drop in/coffee/chat session at Cafe Aroma, St. Chad’s church hall.
Monday October 22nd – 11 o’clock. Guided tour of the Parsonage Gardens, Didsbury, to see the autumn colours.
Tuesday November 6th – 7.30 for 7.45. “ The Wonders of Daffodils” with Len Tomlinson.

As usual there will be an “interest” area at the next meeting so if you have anything unusual, unseasonal or spectacular, please bring it along. Also, if anyone has any spare plants, cuttings or seeds these will be very welcome on the sales table. If you haven’t already confirmed your e mail address with David Gilbert, please could you do this so the newsletter is sent to all those members who have online access.
Hoping to see everyone on November 6th.
Regards, Sarah.

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