September 2017


Dear all,

Welcome to the new season of HGS meetings. It was good to see so many existing members, plus some new faces at Tuesday’s meeting.

The talk on hostas by Robert Barlow certainly raised some interesting issues. The ready prepared garlic “elixir” for fending off slugs and snails sounds far preferable to smelling the house out with pans of garlic bubbling away in the kitchen. Robert had only brought a small selection of the thousands of varieties in existence but they seemed very popular. I’m not sure whether I would sacrifice the new shoots of my hostas in the spring to serve up boiled or fried but there are plenty of recipes on the Internet if anyone wants to experiment!
This month’s meeting also saw the launch of the “Plant of the Month” display. Just a reminder – this is the chance for members to bring in a flowering and / or foliage pot plant to display. At the end of the evening the best in each category will be announced.

Autumn has well and truly arrived. The days may be shortening rapidly but there is still plenty of colour in the garden. Dahlias and chrysanthemums always remind me of the harvest festival flower arrangements and displays that are soon to come. Cosmos also flower well into the autumn, only finishing with the first frosts and they last well as cut flowers. Japanese anenomes are still flourishing in our garden. They can be slightly “thuggish” but they look so elegant swaying in the wind. If anyone has the chance to visit Trentham Gardens, the autumn colours are looking very good with wide swathes of crimson, deep pink, purple, blue and yellow. Many of the grasses are in full “flower” adding further interest.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday October 3rd when Danny Wells will be speaking on “The English and Gardening”. The full programme of speakers for 2017 – 2018 is available on the HGS website “” for anyone who has not yet received their printed copy. The next coffee / drop-in session will be held at St. Chad’s church hall on Friday September 22nd. This is an opportunity to ask advice, share gardening tips or just come and have a coffee in an informal setting.

We were saddened to hear of the death of Arthur Holt last weekend. Arthur had been a member of HGS for many years. He and the late Peter Helm revived Handforth Village Show in 1993. Those who attended this year’s show will remember his entries in the painting classes which won him the “Best in Section” award.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again in October and don’t forget to bring those “Plants of the Month”, please.
Regards, Sarah.

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