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Dear All,

Welcome to the May edition of the HGS newsletter.

I usually start by making comments regarding the weather and this month is no exception. February 2020 was the wettest since Metreological Office records began and May has already officially been declared the driest. It makes me wonder what “flaming June” might bring? Most of our members garden on clay based soil and I remember from when we lived in Warwickshire how it used to bake into a solid mass during a dry spell. Where we live now, we have extremely sandy soil and it has been like a dustbowl for many weeks. Whichever type of soil you have, watering has been a daily task recently. At least the season started with full water butts and other storage devices. We have three bird baths in the garden but by the time the magpies and pigeons have had their early morning dip, they all need re-filling. With the skies so much quieter it is lovely to hear the birdsong without the interruption of aeroplane noise. The insect life has also been making the most of the warm, dry conditions. It amuses me to see bees scrambling into the narrow tubes of the foxglove flowers. Cephalaria gigantea (giant scabious) is another favourite of theirs.

Our May meeting should have been the A.G.M. and plant exchange / sale. Liz Maddock has produced a resume of the year’s activities in her chairman’s report, Peter Attwell has written his secretary’s report and David Gilbert has produced the financial accounts for the year 2019 - 2020. These are all on the HGS website –

Please take the time to read them. The committee would very much appreciate your comments (by replying to this e mail or to any committee member) as these help us to plan future activities.

In June, we had planned to visit Primrose Cottage nursery in Styal, followed by coffee and/or lunch at either Earlam’s or the “Ship Inn” in the village. Sadly, the visit has had to be cancelled but at least the garden centres are open again. Growers have been having such a difficult time under the restrictions.

Last month, I attached a couple of photographs from the gardens of HGS members and there are more on Handforth Gardening Society Group’s Facebook page. For those who aren’t on Facebook, photographs can be sent to me and I will put a selection on the page and in next month’s newsletter.

As always, there is further information regarding Handforth Gardening Society on our webpage

Best wishes to all and take care, Sarah.

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