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Virtual Wildflower Walk

Margaret Hamer has booked Sue Jeffries for a talk on Therapeutic Gardening. Sue asked whether we could promote her Virtual Wildflower Walk with our members, to see if she were able to sell a tickets. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture, and I think her talk will be fascinating. The details of her Virtual Wildflower Walk are as follows:

Virtual Wildflower Walk
Find out more about the beautiful wildflowers all around us in the towns, cities and countryside around Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Flower Power Plant Fairs
Fairs 2020.**



Handforth weather for next five days

The Wilmslow website

Ultimate Guide to Bee Keeping

EPA.Gov Backyard Composting

Gardeners World 50 year Anniversary.

Listen to an item on BBC Radio 4 You and Yours radio programme broadcast on 6th June 2017. You may be in for a surprise!

Recognise anyone?

Val & Dave Chant Recipes

For those who missed out on picking up a recipe, or indeed attending the meeting, here are their recipes.
Just click on Grandma's Christmas Chutney and all of the other recipes will open up.


Winter Survival Kit - Don Whitten

Following his talk on September 1st 2015, Don provided his list of plants and activities to help you through the dark winter months. Here is the list for those who missed it. To make it larger just click on the image.


Stopping Fuchsias.

Following the talk from Barry Taylor in March, here is his recommendation for how to train fuchsias for optimal shape and flowering. Remember to do your final stop 60 days before the "target date" where you desire the best display of flowers.

The first stopping should be done when a rooted cutting has about three pairs of leaves. Thereafter, whenever a stem arising from an axil bud has formed three pairs of leaves, you should nip out the top so that two pairs of leaves are left. Stopping the growing tip causes the axil bud to send out new shoots.

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