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Due to the cancellation of the Society's programme, an Annual General Meeting will not be held in its normal format.

In place of a formal meeting, a number of reports have been prepared and are shown below.

Chairman’s Report 2019/2020

Our season started well with the talk about the Language of Flowers in September, then the Trials and Tribulations of organising a plant fair in October, which sounded tiring and tricky and made organising our shows almost a walk in the park by comparison. I missed the November meeting, being on holiday, about Mrs Gaskell’s garden, which sounded interesting. December we had a demonstration of Christmas wreathes and a mine of useful information. I found it came in useful when I made my own wreathes and found they looked much better than previously. January was the gardening quiz, which the teams seemed to find too easy. I have taken note, so the next one I make will be significantly harder but not impossible. February was Razvan Chisu’s talk about the best plants he has come across in his travels. I felt that all those attending found this a fascinating and inspiring talk, he really knows his plants and is a good speaker, too. It would be good to see him again, on any subject. March was Planning and Designing a Colour Themed Border and this gave us useful information and thought provoking discussion about the merits of plants and colour mixing. It was a good end to the talks this season.
Unfortunately, the Corvid virus came along and swept all our following meetings away, with no definite time for when they might start again. We had decided to give up the Village Show in its current format and talked about doing something different. Unfortunately, the something different gave us as much work as before, with a reduced number of able people to run it. So we had to give this up, which was abandoned anyway with the onset of the virus.
We did manage to go to Rode Hall for the Snowdrops and what a treat that was. The day was bright and not too cold and the Snowdrops were beautiful, with a good variety of other plants to see as well. Eight people went in the end, I believe and it was a good day out, with the promise of more interest through the season. We had tea and cakes and brought a number of things, including Snowdrops.
That was the end of our season. It had been interesting and informative, as usual and it is hoped we can continue to carry on next season. We had an average of 26 members at the meetings and I would like to thank everyone who came to the meetings, helped swell the numbers and contributed to the discussions and those who made the meetings happen, the committee. Thanks then to Peter Secretary, David Treasurer, Margaret Programme Secretary, Sarah for Plant sales, advice and help, Eileen Weaver for input into catering and running of the society. There was a very sad note. Stan, our steadfast help and knowledgeable colleague, died and his skill with plants and his knowledge will be missed. I am pleased to say that we planted an Acer in his memory in St Chad’s churchyard. It is called Acer ‘Metamorphosa’, a fitting name as it changes colour with the season. Please, go to look at it, it is round the side of the building in the centre of the flower bed.
Thank you everyone, please help and support us in this difficult time by coming to the next meeting, whenever that will be.


As mentioned in the Chairman’s Report, the season has been curtailed due to the corona virus pandemic. As a result the Society will not be able hold the normal Annual General Meeting. Written reports have been written in place of the meeting.
The Society has approximately 38 members with a good proportion attending the monthly meetings, until the programme had to be cancelled.
A regular newsletter has been written and circulated by Sarah, which has proved interesting to all members. Sarah’s style of writing and topics she chooses makes the newsletter a particularly good read.
The Society’s website has been kept up to date with news items about the society, Sarah’s newsletter and lists of forthcoming events being added as they arise. Please visit the website at http://handforthgardeningsociety.wikidot.com.

Peter Attwell
Honorary Secretary


The Treasurer has produced accounts for year ended 31 March 2020.
The society earned a profit of £42 compared with £254 last year. This is due to most income items decreasing whereas expenditure items showed increases.
At the end of the accounts year the society had total funds in cash and bank of £1,309.


Please note that from March 2020, the rest of the Society's programme for 2019/20 is cancelled. This is due to Government advice relating to the developing corona virus crisis.

The situation after the summer 2020 will be reviewed in the light of the Government sadvice at that time.


The Committee held an informal meeting on Friday 14 February 2020 when the results of the questionnaire were considered.
Margaret Hamer explained how the questionnaire went and the conclusions she drew from it. As a result, the Committee decided to have the Spring Show as planned on 7th April but whilst judging is going on we will have a social time, with tea and cakes supplied by the committee and some photos of plants etc for members to look at. Trophies will be awarded in the different sections, six in total, so they need to be returned at the March meeting.

The next meeting on 5th May is the AGM and Plant Exchange, where, as last year, we will sell the plants at a small cost. This is to avoid people either paying nothing or being excessively generous and to raise funds for the society.

In June we will have a nursery visit to the Primrose Cottage Nursery in Styal, plus tea at Earlams, where there are various things for sale plus the art gallery upstairs.

Arising from members' answers to the questionnaire there will be no Village Show or any other event in July.

Peter Attwell

2019/20 series of talks

The Society's programme for the rest of the 2019/20 season is cancelled

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