**We had a good afternoon at my house on Thursday 4th July, there was tea and cake and a good look round the garden, which was looking very colourful. A good number came along and we all had a very pleasant time and hopefully we can do it again, sometime.

The Snowdrop Walk at Dunham Massey

Daffodils.jpg Scooters.jpg
Dunham.jpg Leucojums.jpg Witchhazel.jpg Snowdrops.jpg Mound.jpg Rhododendron.jpg

It was a fine sunny day and although there were a lot of people there, the gardens were not crowded and the scenery delightful

The garden of Tress and Peter Attwell, Wilmslow, June 6th, 2018

Tress and Peter were kind enough to open their garden to members of the Society during a glorious June afternoon.

Some pictures of the garden are shown for all to enjoy.

IMG_3007.1.jpg IMG_3004.1.jpg IMG_2998.1.jpg IMG_2984.1.jpg
IMG_2988.1.jpg IMG_2999.1.jpg

Snowdrop Walk, Quinta Arboretum, Swettenham, February 15th 2018

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We took the opportunity for a “snowdrop walk” at the Lovell Quinta arboretum during a beautifully sunny morning. The snowdrops are just about at their best with other spring flowering bulbs starting to appear. The backdrop of the many species of trees, both deciduous and evergreen, set them off perfectly. We hope you enjoy the photographs below.


Members of the public are welcome to visit The Lovell Quinta at any time of the year. Rode Hall is another garden which is well worth a visit at this time of year.

Sir Bernard Lovell Quinta Arboretum, Swettenham, November 7th 2017
This meeting was organised as a replacement for the talk that we would normally have in the evening. Eleven members and guests attended, meeting up at the Swettenham Arms in heavy drizzle. The rain did not persist however and we had a very entertaining an informative tour given by Roderick Taylor, the current curator of the Arboretum.
Although we were probably a couple of weeks late for the strong Autumn colours, there was certainly still plenty to see. Some pictures are provided below.

It is certainly a venue that is worth a future visit.

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